Matsuo Basho, revered Poet

Cleaning Staff Required

勤務は週に1、2回。10:00~13:00 までの間で2時間くらい(要相談)。
主婦歓迎。時給1100円 (交通費なし)とくにスキルは必要ありません。

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Near Daiyuzan Temple

Odawara Resident – Interview of Conrad Matsumoto

On Teaching in Japan and Starting an English school in Odawara.

Japanese Classes in Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa
The detailed schedule of one-day tour on 26 Jan is also shown there.

Visit JIGG Kanagawa – where we announce our game events. Join us! It”s free!

At Odawara`s Shalamar Nightclub

Want a Job?

勤務は週に1、2回。10:00~13:00 までの間で2時間くらい(要相談)。 
主婦歓迎。時給1100円 (交通費なし)とくにスキルは必要ありません。


Near Daiyuzan Temple

Kevin`s Weight Loss Journey

Join me in my bid to lose weight! Hopefully, my struggle will help you if you have the same struggle.

Kevin’s Guesthouse near Hakone

Starting English Schools Japan

A little bit of history about my adventure of starting an English school in the countryside of Japan,

Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa.

How to be a Good Guest on Airbnb

How can you be a good guest when staying at an Airbnb? Basically do all the things your mother

taught you as a child and you will be fine.

Watch the Video

Want to host on Airbnb? How to be a great host?

Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host

From Airbnb Rental Arbitrage to Making a Great Listing

Some of my Favorite Places in Hakone

Here are some of my favorite places in Hakone. What are yours?

Lake Ashi, where I saw a UFO one sunny, summer day while walking with a friend. We both saw it.

Kevin`s English Schools

I am Hakone

Kevin R Burns

Featured Photo: Dustin Hoffman and friends in Hakone after playing tennis

Need a Job?

ゲストハウスの清掃スタッフ募集!週1〜2回勤務、主婦の方歓迎! Learn More

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