Cleaning Person wanted in Minamiashigarashi

Cleaning Person Wanted in Minamiashigarashi for Guest House/English Schools

Daytime  (not everyday)

Hours somewhat flexible


You will clean our buildings in Iizawa and Tsukahara.

You will sometimes meet guests and pass them the key to the school/guest house.

You may need to help in an emergency.

Ability to speak and write English is preferred.

Good cleaning skills necessary

Pay 1200 Yen/hour

Email Kevin:

Work Starts in May or June, depending on your availability

Good part-time job for housewife.

Airbnb Should be Legal in Japan

Airbnb Should be Legal in Japan. Help the 99% participate in the sharing economy.

Japan`s hotels are almost 100% totally booked during peak tourist seasons. Airbnb is necessary to accommodate the many tourists that will come to Japan now, during the Olympics and in the future.

If you think so too, please sign the petition!


Merry Lue Guest House in Tsukahara

Merry Lue Guest House

Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Located near the Kari River, across the street from a supermarket, and 3 minutes walk from Iiwahara Station (Daiyuzan Line). It is near a pleasant river walk with nearby rice fields and Iiwahara Pa…

Accommodations in Minamiashigara-shi


Street Hockey in Kaiseimachi

Street Hockey on Sunday has been moved to Kaisei Station. Meet at Kaisei Station (the main side at 11AM Sunday Feb. 7th) We will play at a park nearby. Tokai is closed due to entrance exams.

Beginners Welcome! We will teach you!

Japanese and non-Japanese all are welcome. Cost: Free!

We have extra sticks and equipment.

Kevin Burns

Car Care

If you love cars like I do and live in Japan, here are some must have cleaning products for keeping your car looking spiffy.

Bliss x

Gold Glitter

Auto Glym (glam) for washing your car.  It is bodywork shampoo and conditioner.

Where to buy them?




International Cafe Opens near Hadano

International Cafe Opens near Hadano

Doutor Opens its first English only International Cafe in Japan on Shonan Campus of Tokai University. You can speak Japanese there, but the staff must answer in English. Also, it is actually in Hiratsuka, but Tokai Shonan Campus is right on the border of Hadano and Hiratsuka. You can get there of course from Tokaidaigakumae Station on the Odakyu Line.

I have been training the staff for the past couple of months, along with Aaran Stewart, a fellow Tokai teacher.

The first English only Doutor Coffee Shop will open tomorrow September 16th, 2015 at Shonan Campus. Over 20,000 students as well as 1,000 teachers come to this campus of Tokai every week.

Read More



(I like his 5th Conversation especially about the foreigners who live in Japan and don`t like anyone criticizing Japan. To my mind,
if I live somewhere, that entitles me to voice my opinion about that place, whether it be good or bad. I think we are all citizens of the world and do not have to like everything about a place, be it Japan, Canada or wherever. These foreigners who get angry with other foreigners for complaining about Japan or an aspect of Japan, I call them Japan Apologists, because they are not willing to see things in a neutral light and have to look at Japan through rose coloured glasses,….. OR ELSE! – Editor of The Minamiashigaran)

Now onto Carrigans article!


Next month it will be 9 years since I first moved to Tokyo and over the course of those 9 years I’ve met a lot of great people. I’ve also met some truly awful people and also probably more than my fair share of people I wish I had never met.

However, for budding amateur psychologists such as myself, the chance to meet and to learn from new people is always fascinating.

As in any kind of experiment, be it social or scientific, I have noticed various repeating patterns. In this context I am referring to those conversations we find ourselves having over and over again, and the types of people we continually encounter. Of course, generalizing people can be dangerous, however I think most of you who have been in Japan for any length of time will have encountered the types of people.

From my own experience, here are some of the most common scenarios, conversations and people I have encountered and I how I chose to deal with them. You may of course totally disagree with what I say here, but in the end debate is healthy, and hopefully we can provoke some discussion today. Read More

Attempted Robbery at Iizawa`s Lawson Convenience Store

Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa

There was an attempted Robbery at Iizawa`s Lawson Convenience Store on Wednesday, August 19th.

The police had the whole parking lot cordoned off. The suspect was running around the neighbourhood with a knife and the police finally caught him. Scary! This occurred
near my house!


Ryokuin Clinic in Minamiashigarashi

Ryokuin Clinic in Minamiashigarashi

I go to this clinic for general medical problems, and I think the wife is a fantastic doctor. She is like a Canadian doctor in that she takes time to talk with you and explain things and make sure you understand. I always converse with her in Japanese. I don`t think the staff speaks much English.

But if you speak Japanese well enough to understand simple explanations about the medicine she gives you or what she thinks is best, I recommend this clinic.

Like most clinics in Japan, they don`t take reservations. But I recommend the wife for her skills as a physician.

〒250-0117 神奈川県南足柄市 塚原 4350-1
 TEL・0465-73-3470  FAX・0465-73-2740

受付時間 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
9:30~12:30 / ● ● ● ● ● /
14:30~17:30 / ● ● ● ● ● /

See their Homepage for more information.


A Dermatologist in Minamiashigara City

A Dermatologist in Minamiashigara City

Kumazawa Dermatology Clinic Tel 050-3774-6600

Sekimoto 830-1-2

Postal Code: 250-0105 (kumzawa Hifuka)

〒250-0105 神奈川県南足柄市関本830-1-2
TEL 050-3774-6600(必ず050からおかけください)

I do not know if the doctors or staff speak English, but it is nice to have a dermatologist in the area.


9-6PM Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday

Open 9-13:00: Thursday and Saturday



Kumazawa Hifuka Homepage

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