JIGG Kanagawa plays games in Minamiashigarashi

JIGG Kanagawa Boardgames Club

Do you like to play boardgames? Do you live in or can you come to Kanagawa?

Get in on the game!

We play boardgames of all kinds. New members always welcome! Membership is free!

Pictured: Asahi Beer Factory Pictured: Downtown Minamiashigarashi

We speak Japanese and English! Come if you love to play board games, wargames, role playing games or strategy games. Traditional games like chess are also played.

Contact Kevin

kevins_english_schools at yahoo.com

Minamiashigara Sports Park

Great playground for the kids. We used to take our kids to run around there and have fun. Huge baseball diamond, a large pond and more. Recommended if you have a car and young children.  There are many tennis courts too, but you usually have to pre-book them. Free parking.  Great place for a picnic and an run around with young kids.

Hiking Mount Kintoki

Hiking Mount Kintoki
Located at Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0631
“Mount Kintoki is a great hike, as well as a culturally important mountain. It is the legendary home of Kintaro, a magical boy. There are many trails to access the mountain, and some of them can be pretty challenging. Additionally, there is a bus pass offered by the Hakone Tozan bus that covers all of the bus stops with access to the mountain. At 1,300 yen per person, it is a good deal if you are planning on ascending from most of the trailheads.”
–Hana Joy, Japan Travel
Known for Early Birds, Peace & Quiet, Stunning Views, Iconic Scenes, Secret Spots, Groups, Families, Budget Friendly, Hiking Trail, Touristy
Mount Kintoki: Kintoki Mountain hike. Buses go to Mount Kintoki from Daiyuzan Station. It is about a 90 minute to 2 hour hike to the top of Mount Kintoki. You can get fantastic views of Mount Fuji from there.
“From National Route 138 at Sengokuhara to the south of the mountain, a direct hiking route through the trees to Mt. Kintoki starts at the Kintoki Shrine, and a second route through a hillside expanse of mountain bamboo heads towards the Yagurasawa Pass, before finally turning towards to the upper slopes of Mt. Kintoki — a third trail from Route 138 via the Otome Pass has stretches of steep and deeply eroded dirt, and is best used as a way down the mountain. (At the east exit of the Odawara railway station, a public bus to Sengokuhara leaves from the #4 bus stop).” –Bob Bideo

Street Hockey in Kaiseimachi

Street Hockey on Sunday has been moved to Kaisei Station. Meet at Kaisei Station (the main side at 11AM Sunday Feb. 7th) We will play at a park nearby. Tokai is closed due to entrance exams.

Beginners Welcome! We will teach you!

Japanese and non-Japanese all are welcome. Cost: Free!

We have extra sticks and equipment.

Kevin Burns

Weight Lifting

These are the workouts our friend Bret has been doing and it has really changed his physique:

Shortcut to Size

Mad Scientist Full Body Workout Plan

Another friend loves cross fit.

I want to try the above workouts sometime, but I feel my most urgent need is to lose weight. So I am going to follow the “7 Weeks Getting Ripped” program by Brett Stewart.

International Basketball in Minamiashigara

International Basketball in Minamiashigara

At Kevin`s English School in Tsukahara     (Kevin`s 英会話 School 0465-74-4458)



by Lyanne Thomas
(Manila, Philippines)









Abuse by Sports Coaches in Japan

Video: A high school coach in Shizuoka Prefecture slaps a student 16 times in under 20 seconds. He should be fired.

Some of the local coaches on the soccer teams verbally abuse the players. I have witnessed it many times. It wouldn`t be tolerated in Canada. These coaches would be forced to quit by the parents.

However in Japan, what appears to be abuse to a Canadian
(me), is thought to be very, very strict coaching. A cultural difference? Or abuse?

I tend to think it is abuse.

Unfortunately violence in sports sometimes happens here. I have seen older boys hitting younger boys for failing to catch a ball in baseball at the local junior high school, and observed repeated verbal abuse by coaches and managers of players even as young as elementary school. It is tolerated here. Where I hear some teams don`t even keep score in Canada, it is very serious business in Japan. I have been disgusted with the behaviour of the soccer coaches of my son`s teams off and on for years, so this video doesn`t surprise me so much. I at times asked my sons if they wanted to quit soccer. They didn`t. But other boys did and told me they hated the coach. Sad. Sports should be fun, and it should be about fun.

Scrapbook history and modern use

Scrapbook history and modern use

Author: Salma

Preserving personal and family history in the form of a notebook is termed as scrapbooking. Mostly it is composed of clippings from newspapers, photographs, and artwork. Scrapbook albums are often decorated and extensively contain thorough journaling. Scrapbooking is a widely practiced pastime all over the world in different format & names. For example in UK during 15th century Commonplace books were very popular to compile information that comprised of recipes, popular quotations, personal letters, poems and much more. Each commonplace book was unique to its creator’s personal interests. Later on in 16th century Friendship albums became popular. These albums were like modern time yearbooks, where friends or patrons would enter their names, titles and short texts or illustrations at the request of the album’s owner. Later on colored plates were used for depicting carnivals and fashion shows. Later on an English woman Anne Wagner incorporated decoupage technique during 18th century in her scrapbook of ‘Memorial of friendship’. She was in the social circle of famous English poet Percy Byshe Shelley. However, in 20th century a lady from Utah, named Marielen Christensen turned an ancient craft into Business. She displayed her work in a conference on records in Salt Lake City and later on she and her husband published a how-to book on scrapbook keeping and also opened a store in 1981 relating to scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Media

Now-a-days two main media are in use, paper and digital. In paper some time photo albums are also used. Recently, smaller albums are very popular. Various accessories refer to as embellishments are used to decorate the album leaf to attain a certain effect in regard to the topic covered. On the other hand in digital scrapbooking tools like scanners, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe flash software packages are in use to achieve a perfect look or feel. Hoards of software tools for publishing digital scrapbook(s) online available and has an ease of use and it also cut down on supplies like paper and embellishments. All these software packages have plethora of backgrounds, text styles, font size and boxes. The dedicated websites for digital scrapbook are Serif.com, Stampinup.com, Mymemories.com, Scrapbookflair.com, Wondershare.com, Smilebox.com, Photomix.com, Scrapbookmax.com, Softonic.com, Brighthub.com, Memorymixer.com, Funtimescrapbooking.com, Pixelscraper.com, Freedigitalscrapbooking.com and many more

Modern Use

For some it is still a record book for holding recipes or memories of an event they like to adhere to but others are using this craft for genealogy with a greater passion.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/scrapbooking-articles/scrapbook-history-and-modern-use-6584703.html

Scrapbooking in Odawara

Studio K at Atelier Hayakawa 2F

Canadian Kirsten Woest runs scrapbooking workshops in Odawara, Kanagawa.

Kirsten Woest > Arts and Crafts > Scrapbooking スクラップブッキング
Scrapbooking workshops are held 2x weekly.

You can learn design techniques, digital tips, how to take better photographs, or you can simply shop for supplies.
Private sessions are also available.


My Basement in Iizawa

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