The Food Scene in Minamiashigarashi

Minamiashigarashi’s food scene:

Food Scene in the Land of Kintaro

Hamazushi, Revolving Sushi Restaurant

Hamazushi is fun as the sushi revolves around you, and the plates are only 100 yen each. I`m not a sushi lover, but many have told me it is very good.  It is located between Daiyuzan Station and Wadagahara Station just a few hundred metres from Annapurna Restaurant.  Rated by our readers as overwhelmingly good to excellent! When you want a dish, you simply take it as it comes to you. It is bright and clean and good for lunch or dinner. I recommend the shrimp tempura udon soup.

To get there, from Kevin`s Guest House, walk back towards Daiyuzan Station.  At the biggest intersection before the station (before the pedestrian overpass) turn right.

Walk straight for a few hundred metres until you come to Hamazushi.

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Pizzeria certo! Honobo-no

Keiko Mori visited a nice pizzeria in Matsuda.  Mori says:  I really recommend  a nice restaurant that is not in Minamiashigara but in Matsuda, the ” PIZZERIA certo! HONOBO-NO”.
To get to Matsuda it is an easy bus trip from Daiyuzan Station.  It takes about 15 minutes and you can get a great view of Mount Fuji from Matsuda.
You can guess it is an Italian restaurant. It’s near Shinmatsuda station of the Odakyu Line. You can get there by 2 minutes on foot from the station.
There are lots of menu items, so you will be wondering what to choose.
I like everything. Of course Pasta & Pizza are so nice.
Eating at the restaurant, we  usually order some dishes and share, hors d’oeuvre, salad, pasta, and pizza.  The food here tastes excellent!! The atomosphere is nice too.  As well,  the prices are reasonable. It costs 3,000 Yen~ including a glass of wine. So it’s good for special days.
As in most restaurants in Japan, the Lunch menu is cheaper.
Rating: ****/5
tel. 0465-82-5996
Facebook Page
open   11:30-15:00
closed   Monday

Nakai-machi Ashigarakami-gun,Kanagawa

by Keiko Mori

Asahi Beer Factory Tour

Asahi Beer Factory Tour – アサヒビール園神奈川・足柄店

Located at Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 250-0106

Known for Brewery, Rainy Days, Groups, Families, Touristy

Asahi Beer Garden has tours in English and Japanese. Best to call them to reserve: 0465-70-5251. There is a restaurant and you can drink freshly made beer for a very cheap price. The factory is beautiful and looks like a resort.

More Information:

1223 Nuda, Minami Ashigara, Kanagawa
[Tour hours]
9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Year end and New Year’s Day, plus designated holidays
Reservations and inquiries
Phone: +81-465-72-6270
Phone hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※ Please reserve by phone to book tours with an English-speaking guide.

Denny`s Minamiashigara

Denny’s Minamiashigara

Located at Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0111


If you are tired of Japanese breakfasts, Denny`s is a good place to go for a western style breakfast and it is a 20 minute walk straight down the road from our house. Walk past Daiyuzan Station and keep going straight. Go throught the runnel. You will see it on the left hand side after the tunnel. It is located on the border of Kaisei Town and Minamiashigarashi. It is across the street from Starbuck`s.


“Denny’s  at the crossroad of Takematu, in Minamiashigara:
It’s one of the famous family restaurants in Japan. As lots of people know, they serve various kinds of foods for kids , the young and the seniors.
I ate “Huwatoro-Omurice” , chicken rice covered with soft fried eggs. The price is reasonable. I’m not sure but maybe it cost about 800 Yen.It tasted  so good. I think their sweets are exellent too.  Of course it’s a casual family type  restuarant, so the atmosphere is so-so. Though you can be relaxed and stay for long time with a cup of coffee.” -Keiko Mori

Suwabe`s Bakery

Suwabe`s Bakery – スワベ洋菓子店
Located at Sekimoto Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 250-0122

It is near Daiyuzan Station and Kevin`s Guest House.

Known for Bakery, Early Birds, Peace & Quiet, Breakfast & Brunch, Touristy

Suwabe`s Bakery is about 150 metres down the road towards Daiyuzan Station from our house. Have a cup of coffee, go there for brunch or breakfast. Iizumi is fluent in English, and studied English at Kevin`s English Schools for ten years. Her baked goods are great and famous in the area. Enjoy cakes, muffins, coffee and more.

LandLoaf Bakery

LandLoaf Bakery

Located at Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture

It is betweem Wadagahara Station and Tsukahara Station. It is very near to the train line.

Known for Bakery, Rainy Days, Families, Breakfast & Brunch

Land Loaf in the Tsukahara area of Minamiashigara, is very popular with locals. One reason is the buildings are striking, and French style. The other is that they serve a large variety of baked goods and free coffee. There is another branch in Odawara.

Rating: ***/5

Yumean Minamiashigara

Yumean Minamiashigara

Located at Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0124
Known for: Restaurant, Rainy Days, Groups, Families
Yumean is a 20 minute walk from our house. It is near Wadagagara Station. It is a Japanese style family restaurant, serving daily Japanese food.
Rating: ***/5

Annapurna Indian Restaurant

Annapurna Indian Restaurant

Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa

Rating: ****/5

Known for: Restaurant, Rainy Days, Late Nights, Groups, Families, Budget Friendly
Annapurna is an Indian Restaurant and Bar.
Address: Kano 63-4, Minamiashigarashi 250-0126.
It is near Kevin`s Guest House and is open until quite late at night. Telephone 0465-74-8005 – some of the staff can speak English. They all speak Japanese too. The staff are mostly from Nepal I think. Great food, great service. I recommend this restaurant. To get there from our guest house, just go up the road over the bridge towards Daiyuzan Station, but at the second interestion you come to, turn right. Go straight for about 200 metres and you will see Annapurna on your left.

Western Food Restaurants in Our Area

Western Food Restaurants:

As well as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken there are many great European restaurants sprinkled around Odawara and Minami Ashigara Shi. Cafe Natural in Shimosoga is one of my favourites.You will need to go by car.

As it is near where the Plum Festival takes place, it might be a nice place to eat if you go to the festival (every February.)

The Head Chef, is a great chef and a charming guy. The interior is also relaxing rustic wooden tables and chairs. It looks like a rustic
Canadian restaurant. It`s fun!

There are many great Italian restaurants in Odawara. Best to ask your students or friends where to go.

For Pizza lovers, Pizza La will deliver just like back home. As well as the great tasting pizza that you are familiar with, you can try exotic types like the Idaho Potato Pizza and Pizzas covered in various kinds of low level sea life. I don’t recommend the sea life pizzas myself. I usually go for Italian Basil.

Pizza La 73-8900.

For Sushi 0465-70-3066.

Check The Odawara Restaurant Guide for an archive of reviews of many local restaurants.