Crime in Minamiashigarashi

Crime in Minamiashigarashi, Iizawa

Minamiashigara is a very safe town overall.  But here and there, there are house break ins and some strange crimes.

At our guest house in Tsukahara (when it was my wife`s store and English school) our flowers were dug up and taken!  These were 100 Yen flowers!

About 20 years ago, someone syphoned the gas from my gas tank in Odawara near Isaida Station.

And unfortunately, recently, this same crime has occurred.  Someone pried open the door to my gas tank, and stole some gas.  My car was parked in Iizawa near my guest house. They have broken the door to the gas tank.  So I will need to pay to get that fixed.  Disappointing as I just spent well over $1,000 on shaken (the official safety checks for cars in Japan).

I`ve seen the police patrolling pay parking lots recently.  Perhaps there has been a spike in this kind of crime due to the rise in the cost of gasoline the last while.



Alienation of Children from 1 Parent

The alienation of children from one parent is a huge problem in Japan. In spite of Japan signing the Geneva Convention on child abduction, Japanese and non-Japanese parents often do not get to even see their children if the other parent essentially kidnaps them.

Here is a 60 minutes documentary on the issue which seems to be a worldwide problem, but is particularly widespread in Japan.

Attempted Robbery at Iizawa`s Lawson Convenience Store

Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa

There was an attempted Robbery at Iizawa`s Lawson Convenience Store on Wednesday, August 19th.

The police had the whole parking lot cordoned off. The suspect was running around the neighbourhood with a knife and the police finally caught him. Scary! This occurred
near my house!


The Matsuda Police

Matsuda Police

“But I’ve had my share of dealings with police, in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere in the world, and there is a universal truth: when police demand submission, it’s best to submit.”
–Neil Macdonald, CBC News

The police that protect Minamiashigarashi have their main station in Matsuda.

I know they do their best. But I have some complaints, and so do others.

Quite a few people in our town feel you are rude. One of my Japanese friends
said he really doesn`t like the local police.

Why are you rude if you stop people?

Admittedly many police are not rude, but I was stopped near my friend Eiji`s house and the police were so rude to me.
I had gone to ask Eiji if he would teach me guitar again. Eiji was out unfortunately, but his wife said that he was busy
and wouldn`t be able to teach me.

I got back to my van (parked next to Iwahara Park) and the two policemen were so rude. I don`t like being stopped and questioned if it is necessary, but I think
the police should be polite and professional about it. One officer said it would be 15,000 yen for parking my car next to the park, then insinuated that I was having an
affair with my friend`s wife. Then they wanted me to cooperate and allow them to search my van, and I said no. Why should I let you? When you are so rude and insinuate
rude things and threaten me with a 15,000 yen fine when I have parked next to a park near my friend`s house.

Their strong handed attitude loses them friends, and makes people not want to cooperate.

Finally I let him search my van, but he left it all messed up. I think if they are going to search, don`t you think they should put things back properly?
Seems logical to me.

Why do so many Japanese feel the police are rude?

Police, the problem is that when you are rude, people don`t feel like helping you.

When one of the AUM Shinrikyo members was spotted the police wanted help from the public. One policeman approached me at Kaisei Station, but I avoided him because of the incident
at Iiwahara Park. I find the police scary and want nothing to do with them.

I am not alone. The local people of Minamiashigara also do not like talking with the police.

It is a shame as the people and the police should work together to help make our community safer.

But when one group is arrogant and rude, the other group doesn`t want to speak with them.

All is not bad. Some of the policemen and women are actually quite polite and professional. I was stopped for an illegal turn and they were very kind about it.
Explained what I had done wrong and gave me the ticket. Which I obviously deserved as I had made the wrong turn. But I didn`t feel bitter about it, and I hold no
negative feelings for these particular police. In fact, I would help them if they had a question about something I had seen etc.

But after a very bad experience with our local law enforcement officers, neither I nor the local Japanese feel like helping.

“Some police are bright, professional and educated. Some are louts. Some are racists. You never know which variety you’re facing.
But what they all have in common (outside Great Britain) is the weapon at their hip, and the implicit threat of its ultimate use to settle matters.”

–Neil Macdonald, CBC News

Speeding in Minamiashigara City

Many cars drive very fast throughout our city. Why?

One reason is the police rarely stop people for speeding. We have asked the police to do it on our street. But they are very inflexible.
They say it isn`t possible. It is possible in Canada, in America, and in Europe. Why is it not possible in Minamiashigara?

They are afraid to disrupt traffic they say. But they disrupt traffic when they stop people to check whether they have been drinking alcohol.

Why don`t they do they same for speeders?

Just today at 7:01 AM a white sedan went down our street at over 100 km per hour I estimated. People were out taking out the unburnable (recycled) garbage.
It could have been my child or yours going to soccer practice or whatever.

What is stopping the police from having one of them with a radar gun, or even a mounted radar gun on a stand, and one or two stopping cars, either at the side of the road, or into a parking lot of
someone who would allow this. I would at my school in Tsukahara.

But no, the police say they can`t. Meanwhile, children are killed in Minamiashigara by speeding cars.

“Most police despise any challenge to their authority. Some will abuse it, if necessary, to protect that authority, and the system can allow them to do that.”
–Neil Macdonald, CBC News

Of course if any of the local police stop me, I`m not talking about you sir. I think you are very talented and handsome! I really do!

2019 Update

The Matsuda Police Station has a new building and bilingual signs! They even had an English translation of the form you had to fill out. Nice touch!

Went to renew my driver’s license at the Matsuda Police Station and the staff member at the main building was rude. No surprise there. They have been rude for the past 30 years. In the next building they asked for my phone number and praised me excessively for reciting my phone number in Japanese. I felt like a four year old. Another fun day with the police.

My Car Was Vandalized

My Car was Vandalized


I drive a nice Toyota 86 sports car and I think someone doesn`t like that fact.

I think my car has been vandalized. I used to park it well within our parking lot in an uncovered space deep in the lot with a light pole over it. But lately I park it under cover, but near a side street. We suspect some teenagers have purposely scratched it here and there over time. There are three scratches now. I have no witnesses and no proof so haven`t gone to the police. I think unfortunately someone is jealous of my car. So I will fix the scratches myself. They aren`t so bad, but I had better move the car so there aren`t any more done to it.

Furikome Sagi 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪



Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

日本経済 どうやってこの犯罪を終わらせるか事は順調に進んでいる。トシノの同僚であるアオキが繰り返しヨシダヒロユキさんに電話をかけた。”もしもし””私の○○を吸いたいか?”アオキは電話を取った人に叫んだ。5回電話をかけた後、ヒロユキは携帯電話の電源を切った。

Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

日本経済 はったり屋のやくざヨシダさんは川口組が実行したドラマの中で彼の役割の演技を知らないでいる必要があった。ほとんどの人はやくざから5回電話があったら電源を切るだろう。事はパーフェクトに進んでいた。トシノの新しい車、チェリーレッド色のフェアレディZだ。午後4時。トネガワは電話を取り、ヒロユキさんの45歳の母に電話をかけた。今日は金曜日。

Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪



Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪



Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

日本経済 あとがき 振り込め詐欺この物語は、神奈川県松田警察署による講義に基づいています。講義の中で、警察はどんな賢い人でもこのような犯罪にだまされやすいと述べています。いつでも起こりうることで、犯人はとてもプロフェッショナルです。どのように犯罪が行われるかを知っておくことで、犠牲者になることを避けられるかもしれないのです。私の妻はこの講義に出席し、すべてを私に話してくれました。

Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

*名前は日本でめったに使われません。この物語をより分かりやすくするために、ヒロユキという名前を使いました。電話による振り込め詐欺では、”うちの息子”などのフレーズが使われます。うちの息子とは”your home`s son,” もしくは  “the son of your house.”のことです。分かりやすい英語で言うなら、”your son.”です。

Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

News from Japan

日本経済 東京


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪


Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

More on crime in Japan, Chris Cutts discusses the Japanese Police. Japan Heat, inside the Japanese Police Department.

Furikome Sagi – 振り込め詐欺 電話で実行される見事な犯罪

Have Child Abduction Issues in Japan?

Have Child Abduction Issues in Japan?

by Kevin Burns
(Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa,Japan)

Child Abduction Issues in Japan

Has your child been abducted by your spouse?

Attorney Wilf Wakely can help. He specializes in child abduction issues.

Wakely Foreign Law Office – Tokyo
In association with TMI Associates

24th Floor, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
6-10-1 Roppongi
Minato ku
Tokyo 106-6123
Tel: 03-5288-5417
Direct Fax / 24hr Voice Message: 03-4496-4554
Mobile: 090-1595-6875

Email: wwakely at

Japanese Gun Control & Massacres in Canada

Japanese Gun Control & Massacres in Canada

by Kevin Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Japanese Gun Control

Again in Canada, on the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, Canadians are debating the benefits of gun control. To see the benefits more clearly and to learn how it can be done, Canada could look at Japan.

Japan controls how many useful guns are in the nation by strictly regulating how many can be imported, what kinds can be imported and by strictly controlling the distribution of ordinance (bullets).

I am not aware of any gun related massacre in Japan in the past 21 years of my residence here.

Canada might take up Japan`s example if she is worried about future massacres.

The Kintaro Intersection

The Kintaro Intersection

Minamiashigara, Kanagawa

There is an intersection in Minamiashigarashi, with a large Kintaro sign. It is where Denny`s, and a Shell and Esso
gas station are. There was an accident there the other day I think.

I seem to only see the police there after an accident. I wish they would be there before the accidents. People go through the red lights there routinely.

There is a green arrow when you are turning right (we drive on the left here in Japan) and that arrow allows the turning car to go (the right of way). Invariably though, there is a car
coming straight on and through a red light.

I usually wait for the car breaking the law as I don`t want to have a head on collision but come on! The other person should stop.

Tonight I was having none of it. I decided I had the right of way, the light was green, and laid on the horn and went. It was my right of way. The other person slammed on their breaks, surprised I would go on a green light!

This is crazy! Do the police really not know this?

I see them patrolling everywhere, but I think setting up there and stopping people from abusing the red light would prevent a lot of accidents in the future.

It seems if people here, are not afraid of a ticket, some of them will abuse the rules, like running the red light.
I just fear someone getting killed like a child in the passenger seat. It would be a real tragedy and could be prevented by a bit more police work.

Shoji Sakurai spent 29 years in Prison

The problem was, he was innocent! Like Nepalese, Govinda Prasad Mainali, he was wrongfully convicted. It happens too often in Japan. If you torture people, they will confess to a crime they did not commit.

Enzai should be ended now!

“My name is Shoji Sakurai and I spent 29 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. I was a victim of enzai — a widespread practice where Japanese police and prosecutors forcibly exact a false confession from an innocent person during closed interrogations.

Recently, the Ministry of Justice held hearings to investigate the Postal administration corruption case (Yusei case ) where Atsuko Muraki was falsely accused and indicted,but got innocense sentence because the fact was revealed that the prosecutor tampered the important evidence.”

Read more about Shoji Sakurai and his campaign to end Enzai.

Read more about Govinda Prasad Mainali

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