Hotels in Minami Ashigara City

Where to stay?

There are various Ryokan and Minshuku (Japanese style Inns) that you can stay in. They are very reasonably priced and you will sleep on a futon
in a tatami mat room. The bath is shared. People will take turns having their bath at night in a minshuku, or it will be a larger shared bath in a ryokan.
Breakfast and dinner will be of course, Japanese style. I don`t like the traditional Japanese breakfast of cold fish (with the head still on, staring up at you),
miso soup and rice, but others do! That said, staying at a ryokan or minshuku is a great experience and one that should not be missed if you live in or visit

Many of the Minshuku and ryokan are located on the main road in downtown Minami Ashigara, (along the road right in front of Daiyuzan Station). Go out of the
station and turn left and you will find 3-5 ryokan and minshuku on the way to Daiyuzan Temple (Saijoji). The most famous temple in the area. You can stay at
one of these inns then take the beautiful hike up the hill to the various temples in this huge temple complex; which is surrounded by 100 year old cedar trees.
Even Kyoto cannot boast of this!

Other Hotels in Minami Ashigara Shi

The road to Daiyuzan Temple (Saijoji)

Hotel Tozan Daiyuzan Minamiashigara

591-1 Sekimoto Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanto, Japan

It is a clean hotel located right next to Daiyuzan Station.    It is conveniently located in downtown Minami Ashigara close to restaurants and shopping, and a 45 minute hike to Daiyuzan temple  (up the hill).

The Hotel Fuji

住所 〒250-0123

Is located near Wadagahara Station on the Daiyuzan line.    It is very convenient if you are doing training at Fuji Film.

Hotels in Odawara

There are many good, clean and reasonably priced hotels in Odawara.

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