Racism in Japan?

Racism in Japan?
A friend Robert, asked what prejudice have I faced Japan? I’ve been denied apartments in Atsugi. I’ve heard slurs that foreigners smell, all over Japan, I’ve heard slurs that foreigners have AIDS, (that happened at an izakaya in Odawara), but to be honest as a Caucasian in Japan, most Japanese respect us I feel.
I think the browner your skin, the more prejudice and intolerance you will experience here unfortunately. One of my Japanese tennis friends asked me if there were many African Canadians (“Kokochan” he termed them) in Vancouver? I replied,”no.” He stated, “good!” Baye McNeil has written extensively on this subject and if interested, I encourage you to read his books and blog.
The fact that very few foreign workers in Japan have tenure in itself reeks of racism in my opinion. I read somewhere that in one American university alone, there are more tenured foreign teachers than there are in ALL Japanese universities. Just being called a “gaijin” after living here longer than most of my students in itself is insulting and is racist. Japan is my home. I am not an outside person.

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