Hamazushi, Revolving Sushi Restaurant

Hamazushi is fun as the sushi revolves around you, and the plates are only 100 yen each. I`m not a sushi lover, but many have told me it is very good.  It is located between Daiyuzan Station and Wadagahara Station just a few hundred metres from Annapurna Restaurant.  Rated by our readers as overwhelmingly good to excellent! When you want a dish, you simply take it as it comes to you. It is bright and clean and good for lunch or dinner. I recommend the shrimp tempura udon soup.

To get there, from Kevin`s Guest House, walk back towards Daiyuzan Station.  At the biggest intersection before the station (before the pedestrian overpass) turn right.

Walk straight for a few hundred metres until you come to Hamazushi.


Merry Lue’s Guest House





Recycling Centres in Minamiashigara

Recycling Centres in Minamiashigara

There are two recycling centres in Minamiashigara City. One is for burnable garbage and the other is for unburnable.  You are supposed to make an appointment at each.   The burnable trash center is in the Uchiyama area (Jizodo), and the unburnable one is in the hills above Iizawa.


Telephone: 0465-71-0371


Telephone: 0465-74-3718



Kari River, by Richard Baladad

Cleaning Staff required 

掃除スタッフKevin Guest House/English School – 神奈川県 小田原市

時給 1,200円



Guest House/English School in Minamiashigarashi requires cleaning staff for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Shifts: 10am-12noon or 11am-13:00. Iizawa and Tsukahara. Pay ¥1200/hour plus one free English lesson/week. No experience necessary we can train you. Good work for housewife or retired person.

Contact Kevin Burns, Kevin’s English Schools
南足柄にあるゲストハウス(民泊)、英会話スクールのお掃除スタッフ募集週に1,2回、南足柄にある民泊でゲストルーム、シャワー、キッチンなどのお掃除スタッフ特に木、金、土、働ける方歓迎10:00~13:00 までの間で2時間くらい(要相談) 主婦歓迎自給 1200円 (交通費はなし)とくにスキルは必要ありません。普段家で家事を行っている方。簡単な英語の読み書きができると助かります。


Kevin Burns
雇用形態: アルバイト…パート
給与: 1,200円 /時給
神奈川県 小田原市

とくになし: 1 年


掲載元: Indeed – 11時間前

Cleaning Staff required 

Guest House/English School in Minamiashigarashi requires cleaning staff for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Shifts: 10am-12noon or 11am-13:00. Iizawa and Tsukahara. Pay ¥1200/hour plus one free English lesson/week. No experience necessary we can train you. Good work for housewife or retired person. Contact Kevin Burns, Kevin’s English Schools by email: kevinsenglishschools@hotmail.com

Lavanya Sri Lankan Restaurant in Iiwahara

Lavanya Sri Lankan Restaurant in Iiwahara
I’ve eaten at Lavanya many times. I’ve taken friends there. A Sri Lanka man is the chef and he and his Japanese wife own this restaurant. They are very kind and the food is very good! You can tell them how spicy you want your food which is a nice feature.  This restaurant is near Merry Lue’s guesthouse.  Reasonable prices!

It is ten minutes by Daiyuzan line train from Kevin`s Guest House.

Telephone number 0465467166

open 11 to 1400

also open 1700 to 2100.


Iiwahara 334-3 Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa 250-0113

Rating: ****/5

Pizzeria certo! Honobo-no

Keiko Mori visited a nice pizzeria in Matsuda.  Mori says:  I really recommend  a nice restaurant that is not in Minamiashigara but in Matsuda, the ” PIZZERIA certo! HONOBO-NO”.
To get to Matsuda it is an easy bus trip from Daiyuzan Station.  It takes about 15 minutes and you can get a great view of Mount Fuji from Matsuda.
You can guess it is an Italian restaurant. It’s near Shinmatsuda station of the Odakyu Line. You can get there by 2 minutes on foot from the station.
There are lots of menu items, so you will be wondering what to choose.
I like everything. Of course Pasta & Pizza are so nice.
Eating at the restaurant, we  usually order some dishes and share, hors d’oeuvre, salad, pasta, and pizza.  The food here tastes excellent!! The atomosphere is nice too.  As well,  the prices are reasonable. It costs 3,000 Yen~ including a glass of wine. So it’s good for special days.
As in most restaurants in Japan, the Lunch menu is cheaper.
Rating: ****/5
tel. 0465-82-5996
Facebook Page
open   11:30-15:00
closed   Monday

Nakai-machi Ashigarakami-gun,Kanagawa

by Keiko Mori

Hiking Mount Kintoki

Hiking Mount Kintoki
Located at Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0631
“Mount Kintoki is a great hike, as well as a culturally important mountain. It is the legendary home of Kintaro, a magical boy. There are many trails to access the mountain, and some of them can be pretty challenging. Additionally, there is a bus pass offered by the Hakone Tozan bus that covers all of the bus stops with access to the mountain. At 1,300 yen per person, it is a good deal if you are planning on ascending from most of the trailheads.”
–Hana Joy, Japan Travel
Known for Early Birds, Peace & Quiet, Stunning Views, Iconic Scenes, Secret Spots, Groups, Families, Budget Friendly, Hiking Trail, Touristy
Mount Kintoki: Kintoki Mountain hike. Buses go to Mount Kintoki from Daiyuzan Station. It is about a 90 minute to 2 hour hike to the top of Mount Kintoki. You can get fantastic views of Mount Fuji from there.
“From National Route 138 at Sengokuhara to the south of the mountain, a direct hiking route through the trees to Mt. Kintoki starts at the Kintoki Shrine, and a second route through a hillside expanse of mountain bamboo heads towards the Yagurasawa Pass, before finally turning towards to the upper slopes of Mt. Kintoki — a third trail from Route 138 via the Otome Pass has stretches of steep and deeply eroded dirt, and is best used as a way down the mountain. (At the east exit of the Odawara railway station, a public bus to Sengokuhara leaves from the #4 bus stop).” –Bob Bideo

Saijoji Temple


Saijoji Temple

Located at Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture

Address: 1157 Daiyucho, Minamiashigara, Kanagawa 250-0127
Phone:+81 465-74-3121

“All seasons at Saijoji are lovely, but 10,000 hydrangea bushes lining the road to the temple make June especially lovely. The autumn colors are equally impressive.”

Known for Point of Interest, Early Birds, Peace & Quiet, Stunning Views, Iconic Scenes, Secret Spots, Groups, Families, Touristy

Saijoji or Daiyuzan Temple deserves to be more famous than it is. My very own brother felt “it was the best temple in Japan,” and he has been to Nikko and seen the temples there. What makes Saijoji different? Apart from the fact that my very own father in law did much of the beautiful roof work on the temples, Saijoji is very big and the setting is fantastic. Nestled in an old growth forest, far from the hubbub of the city, you can truly get in touch with nature, in touch with yourself and perhaps even in touch with God. Be sure to take a camera! There are over 30 halls and temple buildings to see, plus the surrounding nature can`t be beat!

“Saijoji, located in southern Kanagawa Prefecture, is an amazing temple that even most Japanese have never heard of. The temple was founded in 1394 by Ryoan Emyo Zenji, former head priest of Sojiji, one of the two head temples of the Soto Zen Buddhism Sect.”
– Sandra Isaka, Travel Writer

You can have lunch of soba or udon at the restaurant on the way to the temple, and at other restaurants near the parking lot of the temple.  Cheap, healthy and good!

By train (from Shinjuku):

Take the Odakyu Odawara Line (Rapid Train) to Odawara Station. From there, transfer to the Izu Hakone Tetsudo Daiyuzan Line and get off at Daiyuzan Station. The bus station is right next to the train station. Take the bus heading to Daiyuzan Saijōji and get off at Daiyuzan Saijōji Temple. Travel time is approximately two and a half hours.

By car:
Take the Tomei Expressway and exit at Ōi-Matsuda.


If you come in June, be sure to visit the next town to Minamiashigarashi, Kaisei Town, and go to the Ajisai Matsuri (hydrangea festival).   Beautiful!

Asahi Beer Factory Tour

Asahi Beer Factory Tour – アサヒビール園神奈川・足柄店

Located at Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 250-0106

Known for Brewery, Rainy Days, Groups, Families, Touristy

Asahi Beer Garden has tours in English and Japanese. Best to call them to reserve: 0465-70-5251. There is a restaurant and you can drink freshly made beer for a very cheap price. The factory is beautiful and looks like a resort.

More Information:

1223 Nuda, Minami Ashigara, Kanagawa
[Tour hours]
9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Year end and New Year’s Day, plus designated holidays
Reservations and inquiries
Phone: +81-465-72-6270
Phone hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※ Please reserve by phone to book tours with an English-speaking guide.

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