Ballet 2012 – Dance Nuts Stage in Hadano, Kanagawa 15th Anniversary Show

Ballet 2012 – Dance Nuts Stage in Hadano, Kanagawa 15th Anniversary Show

Dance Nuts 15th Anniversary Show will be held at the Hadano Cultural Centre (Bunka Kaikan) on December 9th. Admission is free! Doors open at 3PM, Show starts at 3:30PM

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Want to donate English books?

The Hadano Library will accept donated books in English. They have a large collection of books in English at this very good public library.

Hadano Public Library

… Hadano City Library WED,THU,FRI AM9:00 – PM7:00. TUE,SAT,SUN,Holiday AM9:00 – PM5:00 … 秦野市立図書館〒257- 0015 秦野市平沢94-1 TEL:0463-81-7012 FAX:0463-83-8370

Or you can donate them to your English school if you work at one.
Another idea is to sell them at Bookoff, which has branches all over Japan.

Yoga near Minamiashigara Shi

I studied yoga from quite a famous teacher in Japan, Miura Sensei.
Unfortunately he doesn`t teach in Minamiashigara anymore.

He was great. He was bilingual too, so when I was doing something
stupid (as I often do!), he would suddenly speak in English to me
and all the students would look at me. That was fun! Everyone
would chuckle, even me if I wasn`t bent into a full-pretzel.

Luckily we have Riverside Yoga in Hadano

At Riverside, yoga is taught by Linda Gould. She is a very popular

I think the cost for a trial lesson was 1,100. You can buy a card for about 10,000 yen, which seems to last for about 3 months.

Her place is across from the Ito Yokodo supermarket. You can borrow a mat from Linda. Wear something you can move freely with – like track wear and generally a long shirt or something you can tuck in.

Linda Gould
Riverside Yoga