How to Buy Used Cars in Japan for Sale Cheap Online


How to Buy Used Cars in Japan for Sale Cheap Online

Author: Kyoko Nitori

Buying pre-owned vehicles is something that’s usually done on the Internet nowadays. Used cars in Japan for sale are cheap and you will also be able to save time and money when you choose the online option. Many people like shopping and doing transactions online because it is more easy and convenient than the traditional way of shopping and doing business—that is, going to the mall or the market, and going into a bank or an office. You also won’t have to spend on transportation costs, so this saves you money.

It’s pretty easy to purchase used vehicles from Japan online; all you have to do is open your favorite browser and register on a reputable used-car marketplace such as tradecarview. This article will guide you through the most basic steps you have to do when buying.

First things first: find the vehicle model that you want. If you already have a car in mind, well and good, but if you don’t, it will be best to do a research on what models will meet your needs. When you’ve decided, you can go ahead and do a search of it from the used-car website, which will usually have a search form containing options for the make, model, manufacturing year, and price range. Explore the site to your heart’s content until you find the car that meets your preferences and fits within your budget range.

The next steps are to contact the seller, ask for more details about the unit, and negotiate on the car’s price to get the used cars in Japan for sale’s cheapest price. Contacting the seller is done through the site’s messaging system. Customers are actually encouraged to negotiate; so you can ask to bring the car’s price further down—you can reason out that you still have to factor in the costs of freight and insurance. Knowing the current market value of the vehicle model can also give you an edge in negotiating, and allow you to strike a deal with the seller for a bargain price.

Once you and the seller have settled on a price both of you are happy with, you can request for a proforma invoice which would contain your order details. You would need this to be able to go through the rest of the transaction process. Make sure to check the details written on the invoice and take note of and follow the payment procedure specified. It’s important to use a secure payment method so you can really buy used cars in Japan for sale cheap, but without the risk of fraud.

Upon confirmation of payment, you will be sent the necessary documents such as the Bill of Lading, inspection certificate, and the vehicle’s original document. You will need these for submission to your country’s customs office, or the agency that is tasked to handle imports. To prepare yourself for the arrival of your car, research on the customs duties, clearing fees, and other taxes you have to pay. Knowing this beforehand will save you a lot of resources later on.

Buying used cars in Japan for sale cheap is easy and convenient when you do it online; watch out for other resources and tips for the best and safest car-buying experience you’ll ever have.

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Where can I get foreign food?

Foreign Food: Tozan in Odawara across from McDonald’s near Odawara Station has some foreign food. As well, you can order foreign food from FBC–The Foreign Buyers Club. Foreign Buyers Club Website and they must be listed in The Townpage as well.

Lusca is the shopping centre inside Odawara Station. The supermarket in the basement sells a lot of foreign food, and Plaza (also in Lusca) has a lot of foreign snacks including chocolate, chips and whatever else you are likely to want to “pig out,” on.

Tengu Natural Foods has a huge selection of organic food, and they also have a website. Most Japanese supermarkets also carry some foreign food. The Fuji Supa across the street from Kevin`s Tsukahara School carries a little foreign food, as does Piago, located near Daiyuzan Station.

Expat Express sells food from home too and you don’t need to buy it in bulk!

Odawara Boasts the Largest Shopping Mall in Kanagawa Prefecture – Robinson`s

The supermarket in Robinson’s Mall has a lot of foreign food. Robinsons and Odawara City Mall, a sister mall right next to it, are both located in Kamonomiya. Best to take a bus from Kamonomiya Station on the Tokaido Line – Or drive if you have a car.

Robinson`s is a great place to shop if you want clothes, food or have children. The best stores and shopping areas in our area are reviewed in The Odawara Bulletin Board.

Living in Odawara & Minami Ashigara

Living in Odawara & Minami Ashigara
Basic Information about Living Here
& A Guide to Local Clubs and Helpful Websites and Phone Numbers

This information is geared towards people already living in this great port city, or planning to come here to live and work.

Just where is Odawara you may be wondering, and where do they get those fantastic umeboshi from? Odawara is a city of 200,000 located near the Izu Penninsula in south-west Kanagawa Prefecture. We are one hour south of Yokohama by regular express train and 80 minutes south of Tokyo via the Odakyu line.

The umeboshi are pickled plums in English, and if you love salty food, you have to try them. There are ;lum trees throughout the area and there is a plum festival celebrating this bounty in February. Odawara is also famous for kamaboko a kind of fish version of spam that many Japanese love.

We have a fantastic castle with a moat, and cherry trees. You really should see it if you come to Japan.. We also boast the largest shopping centre in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Minami Ashigara, borders Odawara and has about 45,000 citizens. All Japanese older than 4 know that Kintaro a famous fairy tale took place here. Minami Ashigara was voted as having the best water in Japan, and that is why Fuji Film chose this small city to make its` film (a water intensive process), and Asahi Beer built its` latest high tech brewery in our city. We are located in a pleasant river valley of rice fields, businesses and fantastic views of Mount Fuji.

Banking: Sagami Tribank is a good, reliable bank if you can find one near you. I have dealt with them for over a decade with no problems. They seem to have avoided many of the pitfalls that put larger banks under. The drawback of the Minami Ashigara branches are that there are virtually no English speaking staff. I have never met any, but there may be some.

Some of my friends have used Citibank. With Citibank all banking can be done by phone in English including exchanging Yen to $ when the $ is low.

Although branches are only in Tokyo and Yokohama, you can open an account by phoning them. You can also get a
credit card throught them.

Otherwise Daichi Kangyo in Odawara is good because they have some English speaking staff and a cash machine. It is located across from the fish market and has a red and white sign. The Bank of Yokohama near Odawara Station seems to be a good bank as well. Take it for what it is worth. I am not an expert on Japanese banking by any means.

Internet: There are internet cafes in Odawara but they come and go, so it is best to check at The Odawara Bulletin Board to see where they currently exist.

We use Yahoo BB and find it gives good internet service.

You can get good service from various webservers in our area. I use So-Net–a Sony company, as it is cheaper than many for basic service. There is virtually no English support though apart from a very limited webpage.

One plus with so-net is you can pay by automatic withdrawl with a credit card. I hate having to go and pay at the bank every month. I have never been overcharged.

Pat-net is good but expensive. They are not as foreigner friendly as So-net. Only one member of the staff seems to understand any English and his English is quite limited. They do not seem interested in getting or keeping the business of the expatriat population of the area. You can do better with So-net or some of the others. So-net seems to have support in English by Email, but one of our teachers had trouble when he tried to get English support over the phone, the woman who called him back only spoke Japanese. OCN comes highly rated but I have never used them. I don’t know if they have support in English.

I don`t recommend OCN based on the fact that so many of my friends have had trouble getting hooked up–software conflicts
and other problems. With so-net my wife was able to get things working by calling their service department and of course
solving the problem while speaking Japanese.

Buying a Computer:

Currently you can buy a very good computer in the Odawara area for around 80,000 Yen. Nojima is a good place to buy a
computer cheaply and there are many Nojima stores in the area. Nojima on route 255 is also good and a great place to take your computer when you have problems. Don`t bother taking an English computer system to Nojima though, they will treat you like you have a disease.

Prices have dropped by about 80 percent from five years ago! I recently picked up an Emachine computer in Akihabara without a monitor for 52,000 Yen! It is the best computer we own and it was a great deal !

Do a search at google for Dell Japan. They sell some great computers.

Japanese Lessons: There are free Japanese lessons offered at the Odawara Christian Centre.

The Odawara International Club offers Japanese lessons as well. Learn Japanese offers free lessons online. You can advertise for a Japanese teacher at The Odawara Bulletin Board .

Flea Market in Minamiashigara

Flea Markets: Merry Lue Store in Tsukahara, Minami Ashigara has a flea market and sells antiques.

It is open every day except Monday: 10:30AM-7:30PM. See the map below for how to get to Merry Lue. Kevin’s Tsukahara School is in the same building. Tel 74-4458.

Address: 2659-4 Tsukahara

Across the street from the Fuji Supa (supermarket).


Furugiya is an old fruit and vegetable shop near Fukuzawa Elementary School in Minamiashigarashi.    This is where you should go to get great fruit and vegetables cheaply.

If you don`t know where Fukuzawa is, then Tsutaya DVD Rental store is

another landmark you can use.

Clothes Shopping in & around Minamiashigara

Avail Shoes and Casual has large sized clothes for us non-Japanese folk.    My wife just came back with some very nice clothes for our large (and growing son).

She said Avail is very cheap too!  It is in Tomizu near Sagaminumata Station (Daiyuzan Line) on the main road heading towards the Odakyu Line (heading roughly

north-west.   It is near the Beaver Tozan DIY shop.

Unikiro also has large sized clothes that fit me–I take XL in North America for the LL or LLL in Japan.

Unikiro has some nice clothes at very reasonably prices too.    It has branches all over Japan including our area.

Rolly has a lot of cute clothes that our ten year old daughter enjoys, but also carries some for us larger folk.

Cheap! Located just off Route 255 in Oimachi (across from the Yaohan Supermarket and Tsutaya).

Fashion Plaza Shimamura is also very cheap and carries some large sized clothes.    They have

branches all over Japan.