About the Minami Ashigaran

I have lived in Minami Ashigara for around 20 years now and felt this pretty little city deserved an

English magazine about her.    I own Kevin`s English Schools and we have two schools in the Iizawa area of Minami Ashigara Shi, and the Tsukahara area of Minami Ashigara, and our third school is in Kamonomiya, Odawara.

Kevin`s English School in Iizawa, Minami Ashigara, near Daiyu Bridge

My wife is Japanese and we have three lovely children.    I teach at a large university in

Kanagawa as well, and used to teach at Keio SFC.

I love writing and write for various online sites including my own:

How to teach English in Japan

Japan Living

and Burns Brick Country, which is about Lego.


Our "Anne" Kevin`s English School in Iizawa (Minami Ashigara Shi)



  1. Sean said,

    March 13, 2011 at 2:44 am

    I spent 6 weeks in Ashigara in the summer of 1995 when I worked at Fuji Photo Film. I have many dear friends still there and am worried about them after the earthquakes and tsunami. I’d like to know what kind of damage was suffered locally, but have had no word. Please contact me via email if you can, if you have any news. sbinsc (at) goldwingfacts (dot) com


  2. kintaro63 said,

    November 22, 2011 at 12:46 am

    I think I responded to Sean by Email, but I just want to say that there was no damage here.
    We do need to be careful about what we eat and drink but other than that, we are okay.
    I am assuming we are all okay in regards to radiation. The amount of radiation is up slightly from the normal background radiation we receive. But nothing to worry about.

    Few worried when they were doing above ground testing near Las Vegas. How many of those Las Vegas residents got cancer? It is funny but you never read about the fact that they were doing above ground testing near a city. Many of those people are in their 60s now and as far as I know, they are healthy.

    Many in Japan are suffering from Radiophobia. You have to realize that normally there is background radiation and it is nothing to worry about.

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