Crime in Minamiashigarashi

Crime in Minamiashigarashi, Iizawa

Minamiashigara is a very safe town overall.  But here and there, there are house break ins and some strange crimes.

At our guest house in Tsukahara (when it was my wife`s store and English school) our flowers were dug up and taken!  These were 100 Yen flowers!

About 20 years ago, someone syphoned the gas from my gas tank in Odawara near Isaida Station.

And unfortunately, recently, this same crime has occurred.  Someone pried open the door to my gas tank, and stole some gas.  My car was parked in Iizawa near my guest house. They have broken the door to the gas tank.  So I will need to pay to get that fixed.  Disappointing as I just spent well over $1,000 on shaken (the official safety checks for cars in Japan).

I`ve seen the police patrolling pay parking lots recently.  Perhaps there has been a spike in this kind of crime due to the rise in the cost of gasoline the last while.



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