Pizzeria certo! Honobo-no

Keiko Mori visited a nice pizzeria in Matsuda.  Mori says:  I really recommend  a nice restaurant that is not in Minamiashigara but in Matsuda, the ” PIZZERIA certo! HONOBO-NO”.
To get to Matsuda it is an easy bus trip from Daiyuzan Station.  It takes about 15 minutes and you can get a great view of Mount Fuji from Matsuda.
You can guess it is an Italian restaurant. It’s near Shinmatsuda station of the Odakyu Line. You can get there by 2 minutes on foot from the station.
There are lots of menu items, so you will be wondering what to choose.
I like everything. Of course Pasta & Pizza are so nice.
Eating at the restaurant, we  usually order some dishes and share, hors d’oeuvre, salad, pasta, and pizza.  The food here tastes excellent!! The atomosphere is nice too.  As well,  the prices are reasonable. It costs 3,000 Yen~ including a glass of wine. So it’s good for special days.
As in most restaurants in Japan, the Lunch menu is cheaper.
Rating: ****/5
tel. 0465-82-5996
Facebook Page
open   11:30-15:00
closed   Monday

Nakai-machi Ashigarakami-gun,Kanagawa

by Keiko Mori

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