Denny`s Minamiashigara

Denny’s Minamiashigara

Located at Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0111


If you are tired of Japanese breakfasts, Denny`s is a good place to go for a western style breakfast and it is a 20 minute walk straight down the road from our house. Walk past Daiyuzan Station and keep going straight. Go throught the runnel. You will see it on the left hand side after the tunnel. It is located on the border of Kaisei Town and Minamiashigarashi. It is across the street from Starbuck`s.


“Denny’s  at the crossroad of Takematu, in Minamiashigara:
It’s one of the famous family restaurants in Japan. As lots of people know, they serve various kinds of foods for kids , the young and the seniors.
I ate “Huwatoro-Omurice” , chicken rice covered with soft fried eggs. The price is reasonable. I’m not sure but maybe it cost about 800 Yen.It tasted  so good. I think their sweets are exellent too.  Of course it’s a casual family type  restuarant, so the atmosphere is so-so. Though you can be relaxed and stay for long time with a cup of coffee.” -Keiko Mori

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