Ryokuin Clinic in Minamiashigarashi

Ryokuin Clinic in Minamiashigarashi

I go to this clinic for general medical problems, and I think the wife is a fantastic doctor. She is like a Canadian doctor in that she takes time to talk with you and explain things and make sure you understand. I always converse with her in Japanese. I don`t think the staff speaks much English.

But if you speak Japanese well enough to understand simple explanations about the medicine she gives you or what she thinks is best, I recommend this clinic.

Like most clinics in Japan, they don`t take reservations. But I recommend the wife for her skills as a physician.

4350-1, Tsukahara

Minamiashigara, Kanagawa

Japan 250-0117

〒250-0117 神奈川県南足柄市 塚原 4350-1
TEL・0465-73-3470  FAX・0465-73-2740

受付時間 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
9:30~12:30 / ● ● ● ● ● /
14:30~17:30 / ● ● ● ● ● /

See their Homepage for more information.



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