All Night Diner 深夜食堂 貓飯

All Night Diner 深夜食堂 貓飯

I started watching All Night Diner or 深夜食堂 貓飯, to improve my Japanese.
But I continued watching it, because it was so good. It takes place in Shinjuku,
and the story is about a Master who runs an all night diner in Tokyo. The cast of
characters that come into his diner are interesting and there is often a lot of humour in
each episode (but a subtle kind of humour). I find there are often some good messages about life and love too. As well, some of the most unlikely characters end up being friends.

The Six Days in Chiba Blog discusses my favourite Japanese TV show and some other good ones that are worth watching.

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    One way of improving your Japanese

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