It`s the water and a lot more!

Humor about Japan – Why do I luv livin in Japan?

It`s the water and a lot more!

I`m absolutely lovin` the tangy taste of the tap water these days.

by Kevin Burns

I don`t know what they are doin` to it,but keep it up eh! I love it! I got into an argument with a friend over it though. I think we were had been tagether too much eh. But anyway, he said about the water, “It`s the plutonium!””No I says, it`s the cesium112.”Then outta nowhere, a funky announcer comes on and says:”Hey you two, it`s the plutonium and the cesium.”So there ya have it! I`m as happy as my friend Geoff, who said, “I don`t need to eat vegetables.”Me neither! Now no one can scold me for not eatin` my greens.

“Eat your peas!”

“Screw off bucko!”

“Another helping of steak please.” Four steaks a night. I am on protein overload!!! Yarr!

Bring on Schwartzanegger! Arrghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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