The Kintaro Intersection

The Kintaro Intersection

Minamiashigara, Kanagawa

There is an intersection in Minamiashigarashi, with a large Kintaro sign. It is where Denny`s, and a Shell and Esso
gas station are. There was an accident there the other day I think.

I seem to only see the police there after an accident. I wish they would be there before the accidents. People go through the red lights there routinely.

There is a green arrow when you are turning right (we drive on the left here in Japan) and that arrow allows the turning car to go (the right of way). Invariably though, there is a car
coming straight on and through a red light.

I usually wait for the car breaking the law as I don`t want to have a head on collision but come on! The other person should stop.

Tonight I was having none of it. I decided I had the right of way, the light was green, and laid on the horn and went. It was my right of way. The other person slammed on their breaks, surprised I would go on a green light!

This is crazy! Do the police really not know this?

I see them patrolling everywhere, but I think setting up there and stopping people from abusing the red light would prevent a lot of accidents in the future.

It seems if people here, are not afraid of a ticket, some of them will abuse the rules, like running the red light.
I just fear someone getting killed like a child in the passenger seat. It would be a real tragedy and could be prevented by a bit more police work.


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