Getting Furniture Reupholstered in Kanagawa

I`ve been wondering about this for a few years.   We have some great furniture but it is really old now. So I posted about this at Facebook and here is what happened.

I wrote:

“I am still in search of a place the reupholsters furniture. Surely one must exist in Kanagawa. At one group at FB, the closest suggestion I got was a place in Tsukuba!
They were all over the place in Paris. I would think some Japanese would want to revamp some of the furniture that has been in the family. Any ideas?”

Akiko Takahashi:

I think there are so many places where you can revamp furniture in Kanagawa. I hope this site will help you. I’m not sure which shop is the best though—

神奈川県、いす張替のタウンページ情報一覧 – goo タウンページ


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