Camp Zama & Minamiashigara Sumo Event

Sumo Arena in Tokyo

Minamiashigara Shi, Kanagawa

This is an annual event that takes place between these two areas each year.

Minamiashigara City had the opportunity to build friendships duringa one-day bilateral sumo-wrestling experi-ence Sunday at the Minamiashigara City Sports Center in Kanagawa. This was the third annual event that the Camp Zama community and the city councils of Zama and Minamiashigara coordinated in order to share their cultures and build a bilateral relationship through the traditional Japanese sport.

Read more on Culture exchange in Minamiashigara Shi

Costco Opens in Nearby Zama Town

By the way, some of our local readers may be interested to know that in Zama they just opened a Costco store. I usually have my Costco items delivered by The Flying Pig or the Foreign Buyer`s Club, but if you have a car you can go to the Costco store in Zama, Machida or Yokohama. Some of us North Americans in Japan love Costco and miss it. But now we can shop there in Japan!


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