Radiation Levels for Kanto – Kanagawa

The swimming pool water of Minamiashigara Elementary School was tested for radiation and found to be at safe levels.

We need to all remember, that there is always normal background radiation. We shouldn`t succumb to radio-phobia.

So, in view of the safety of the pool water, water that just sits there. I presume that the drinking water is also fine.

Many of my friends are drinking filtered tap water. I had been just drinking water straight out of the tap, but have been trying to drink filtered tap water as much as possible recently, just to be extra cautious.

Kanagawa has had an average of 70.5 nano grays per hour since March 11th, 2011.

Normally rates of normal background radiation are below
70 nano grays, so Kanagawa is slightly about this amount.
Indeed minutely above this at .5/hr. So I feel reassured.

Check radiation levels

You can also get more information directly from
Marian Steinbach`s Blog.


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