Tokyo Governor Ishihara Occasionally says something intelligent:

“Pachinko parlors and vending machines use up 10 million kilowatts of power a year, which is just about the amount of the Fukushima nuclear power plants.”

–Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, saying they are a waste of electric power. (TBS)

Geoff Botting:

Pachinko was originally an American children’s game. The early machines were mechanical, relying on human hand pressure on the lever, and so were generally eco-friendly.
But no, that wasn’t good enough. Over the years, the machines — not to mention their venues — have become relentless energy suckers, designed on the assumption that electricity is limitless and fully exploitable. The human element was also removed.
Such an apt metaphor. No wonder we’re in our current ridiculous predicament, where we can’t even keep ourselves cool — even amidst serious tropical heat. NHK reported this week that health experts fear elevated numbers of people succumbing to heat exhaustion due to reduced air conditioning.
Back to the future, I say.


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