Chris Zanella helps in Ofunato

Former resident of Minamiashigara, Chris Zanella and American pop star Sarah Bareilles, are members of the volunteer group “All Hands” dispatched to Ofunato, a city badly damaged by the last tsunami. Using EM and his own “Hands”, he is helping to clean up and reconstruct the city along with his group.

He wrote a very touching story of a girl, a victim and evacuee, that I pasted below.

Hope you like it.

And Thank you Chris!

“Abigail is a 15 year old evacuee who lost everything including some immediate family members in the tsunami and lives in the same center as our group. But everyday when we come home from work, she is there to meet us, full of life and energy. Her energy brings us all back to life and puts smiles on our faces even after the hardest day of work.

She was excited to find out that pop singer Sara Bareilles and her band had joined our organization as volunteers. So I brought a very nervous and shy Abigail to meet an idol of hers. During their conversation we learned that Abigail used to play guitar but lost it in the tsunami. So on the spot I promised Abigail that I would replace her guitar for her. Read More

Sarah Bareilles, sings Love Song


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