What to eat and what not to eat?

(Pictured: Minamiashigara`s mikans (mandarin oranges) the taste is unbelievable!)

What to eat and what not to eat?

I`ve probably “erred” on the side of caution or even paranoia on this one, and it hasn`t been because of my health but I have been concerned about what my rapidly growing children eat. How can I keep them safe?

The government, local and national has been saying things are safe?

I guess my problem has been I haven`t heard the message. I didn`t really trust them.

However maybe I have to; and in fact maybe they are trustworthy in the case of food safety anyway.

So many politicians disappoint it seems, so it is natural to lose trust in them.

About food though, I think the Japanese government is doing a good job. And if they fail or if the local government fails to inform, NHK or some fifth estate media
source fills in.

A friend of mine reassured me recently that the local produce should be safe in Minamiashigara. We have been hesitating to eat even local food.

Minamiashigara Tea:

Some have argued that Minamiashigara tea, after being made ready to drink, is drinkable, the radiation levels or much lower at the point at which you are going to drink it. Whereas it has been banned at the point of having radiation on the leaves.
Perhaps in fact that ruling has been overkill? Not a realisitc measurement as it should be at the point of drinking it to test if it is
safe for consumption or not?

My good friend lived through the fallout from Las Vegas. Do you remember seeing file photos of dead sheep? Sheep killed by radiation. That was the time.

He is my trusted source when I cannot figure it out myself.

He feels that the radiation on the veggies and fruit here should be at about the same level as the normal background radiation we had before Fukushima. He
has no idea why the tea is unsellable. He asks:

“I have no idea why the tea is unsellable — is it because it actually has a higher than usual amount of radioactivity and that the elements which cause this actually come out into the water when steeped? Or is it due to people being afraid of anything from Japan/Fukushima-ken??? (btw — let me know if you figure this out… I hadn’t heard about tea being unsellable)…”

My friend goes on to say:

As to veggies — if they weren’t grown right near the plant than the odds that they have any higher than background levels of radioactive elements is virtually nil… and they can be eaten ok. Even ones with a somewhat higher than usual amount of radioactive stuff are ok if eaten only occasionally. I think the Japanese government has done a reasonably good job of restricting the sale of milk and veggies from the affected areas so I imagine all veggies on sale are fine. The limits are usually based on eating something every day for a year so they are very conservative.
However, washing does help get the usual pesticides etc off (Japan uses a lot of these) but does nothing about the iodine or other elements which have gotten into the ground and been taken up by the plants roots. They are thus part of the body of the plant/veggie and washing won’t get them out. If you are really worried about iodine (which is the one which affects people more than the others — because it concentrates in the thyroid) then buy veggies and wait 8 days to use them — the half life of radioactive iodine is 8 days, so you have decreased any possibility of problem by half…



  1. Tom said,

    June 11, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Hello from California! Enjoy reading your posts! I am visiting my grandparents in Minamiashigara in November! Looking forward to it!

  2. kintaro63 said,

    June 12, 2011 at 12:42 am

    That`s great! It is a very nice town and November will be a great time to come, sunny and not too cold.
    Fall, winter, and spring are great times of year here. The summer is fine if you don`t have to wear a tie, and even better if you don`t have to work!!!! : )

    • Tom said,

      June 13, 2011 at 4:54 pm

      Great! Thank you for the info!
      I’m hoping the airfare eventually drops! It is so expensive right now! $1300 for November!

      How long have you been living in Minamiashigara?

      • Kevin Burns said,

        June 14, 2011 at 12:19 am

        I`ve been here about 20 years now. Expensive going to Vancouver too, I too hope they find a way of lowering prices! Ouch!

  3. Tom said,

    June 14, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Wow that is very cool! I just love the culture in Japan.. it is so exciting and so much different from here in the United States!

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