Radiation in Minamiashigara – What is Safe and What is dangerous?

Radiation in Minamiashigara – What is Safe and What is dangerous?

I know that all the residents of Minamiashigara want to keep their children safe.

Mayor Kato, and Minamiashigara City Hall – what is safe?

Congratulations Katosan on your recent election win. Now though, it is time you get to work.

You shouldn`t be slow on things. You shouldn`t wait for NHK to report the bad news about Minamiashigara tea
being radioactive. You need to lead!

You must lead, you are the mayor.

What is being done to test for radiation? Is our food safe? Is our water safe?

How do you know? What is being done to test the safety?

Is the milk at school safe? If so, how do you know. Some say we shouldn`t drink the milk.

If NHK is the one who reports the tea is not safe, then what else do I need to know?

Mr. Kato, why didn`t you report that? Why did we hear it from NHK first?

An Odawara friend said:

“we don`t know if the local produce is okay or not, as no one is checking out here.”

How about around Minamiashigara Mr. Kato?

I know they have been checking the Fukushima produce but obviously we need to be doing it here or the local farmers will suffer as no one will buy their produce.

Mr. Kato you were elected. You need to take the lead rather than scramble to catch up.

Time to show you are worth being mayor!

If you don`t do anything, local farmers will be hurt and many people will feel stressed. Local people in Minamiashigara are all ready stressed.

I know what people are thinking – they assume if the tea is bad, then all the vegetables in Kanagawa are probably bad. I don`t feel this is true, but you need to test them and let people know that things are being tested and safe. Let them know that a reliable testing program is going on, or the local farmers will suffer.

Advice from Shizuoka:

Apparently some people in Shizuoka are not eating food if it is from East of Shizuoka. If the rice is not clearly marked they don`t buy it.

So they don`t want our Kanagawa produce unfortunately. Nagano food is regarded as being okay.

Mushrooms and spinach is not safe unless they are from Shizuoka or west of Shizuoka. Basically any vegetable or fruit, with a large surface area is not safe unless from Shizuoka or further away from Fukushima.

Some are not drinking milk anymore as they don`t trust the labelling. The reason is that everyday vegetable from Fukushima arrive at the auction center. No one buys them. But the local restaurant owners take them for free and use them in their restaurants according to a Shizuoka wholesaler. Is the same thing happening in Odawara?

You need to tell us.

You can`t ignore the situation. Or we simply won`t buy Japanese produce which is catastrophic for Japanese farmers. We won`t eat at restaurants, which is catastrophic for the restaurant business and the economy.

Mr. Kato and the Odawara City Hall too, you need to lead! And you need to do it now.

Many are not eating fish from the Pacific coast of Japan. Sad but true.

Japanese food has been banned from South Korea and China. Why?

Maybe they feel they cannot trust the labeling, and or the source of the food.

I like Japan, I like Minamiashigara. It is my home. But we need government to be responsible and insure the safety of the people.

The local Japanese feel the same way, believe me. I talk to hundreds of them every week as a teacher.

Apparently the national government is testing the air but not the surface dirt. The surface dirt can have much more radiation than the air. Is it okay for our children to play in the parks and school grounds of Minamiashigara? What testing have you done?

Radiation Levels – Japan Times

Radiation in Water by Prefecture

Radiation Dose Chart

Most Recent Earthquakes in Japan by Map

Disclaimer; This is just one man`s opinion on the situation in Shizuoka and elsewhere.


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