Trying to Keep your Family Safe in Trying Times

“Mobile phones ‘more dangerous than smoking’. Geoffrey Lean The Independent March 30, 2008. Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid using them wherever possible…”

Trying to keep everyone safe, including your little ones, is always a challenge. But the dangers often come in benign forms. Things that
maybe you or others take for granted.

I have never felt it was a great idea to put a box producing radiation right on my head, but that is what we do every time we talk on our cell phones, or use an electric shaver.

While the amount is minute each use, I just wonder if over time we aren`t producing a critical situation inside our head?

I really believe that we are creating cancer. But so far the studies are
contradictory. However, I believe that long term, we will see more brain tumors. Sorry but I think the companies don`t care. They calculate how much they might have to pay in insurance costs, as opposed to
how much profit they will make. You would think they would care about your health, and probably to some extent they do. But they
also bet on your health and hope it is okay, as they go for profits.

Forget the Fukushima reactors for a moment. You are putting your own
little radiation producer up to your ear everytime you talk to Hiroko
or Harvey your accountant. Get serious! Who wants to talk to
Hiroko or Harvey!!!

Brain tumors can take 30-40 years to develop. So if your 13 year old
is using a cell phone now, and I am right, then he will regret it very
much in his 40s or 50s. Seems pretty unfair! And really, I do hope that I am wrong. I never want bad news to come true.

One of my heroes, and a man I frequently quote at all of my websites,
one of America`s best, Dr. Andrew Weil`s Cell Phone Safety Recommendations:

1. Using earpieces, headsets or speakerphone mode.
2. Saving long conversations for conventional phones.
3. In your car, using a cell phone that has a Bluetooth connection. Many new dash-mounted GPS units have a Bluetooth mode, so that your phone works through the GPS unit’s microphone and speaker. This has the added advantage of keeping your hands free for safer driving.
4. Limiting the time children spend on cell phones – they may be more vulnerable than adults to adverse effects.
5. Finding out how much radiofrequency energy your cell phone emits. Called the SAR measurement (Specific Absorption Rate), 1.6 watts per kilogram is currently what is permitted in the United States. Visit the Federal Communications Commission website for more information.

Read more from Weil`s Excellent Website on Health

US Senate Committee Testifies on the Dangers of Cell Phone Use

Witnesses before a Senate Committee testified about research into cell phone use and its potential impact on human health, as well as the potential side effects such as brain and salivary gland tumors.

In 2008, cell phones were identified as a contributor to salivary gland tumors. Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, who testified in September 2009 at the U.S. Senate Hearing, is the principle investigator of the study that made this finding.

The report states that your risk of getting a parotid tumor on the same side of your head that you use for listening to the mobile phone increases by:

* 34 percent if you are a regular cell phone user and have used a mobile phone for 5 years.
* 58 percent if you had more than about 5,500 calls in your lifetime.
* 49 percent if you have spoken on the phone for more than 266.3 hours during your lifetime.

The second video above by, filmed at Columbia University Law School at a presentation on Wireless Hazards, explains how wireless radiation creates cognitive problems, damages DNA, diminishes fertility, causes disorientation and navigation difficulties for birds, bees and other wildlife, and may contribute to Bee Colony Collapse, which, if not reversed, will jeopardize the future of life on earth. Read More

Larry King addresses the Cell Phone Issue

On Jan. 21, 1993, the television talk-show host Larry King featured an unexpected guest on his program. It was the evening after Inauguration Day in Washington, and the television audience tuned in expecting political commentary. But King turned, instead, to a young man from Florida, David Reynard, who had filed a tort claim against the cellphone manufacturer NEC and the carrier GTE Mobilnet, claiming that radiation from their phones caused or accelerated the growth of a brain tumor in his wife.


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