Long Term Impact of Nuclear Crisis in Japan

What I am wondering about is the long-term impact on our food and general environment as a result of the present nuclear power plant(s)

Many of the experts seem pretty reassuring, but what about these long
term affects? I know that airline pilots tend to die younger than they
should, and often of mysterious viruses. My doctor father first alerted me to this fact.

The next unfortunate alert, was the death of my uncle Stan, a pilot for
Canadian (CP Air). He died at 64 of a mysterious lung ailment–some kind of virus that they couldn`t identify, and couldn`t cure. Was that
radiation related–long distance flights, weakening his immune system over time? Who knows? I`m not a doctor. But I wonder?

What are the long term affects in Germany and the Ukraine after Chernobyl? Can they eat the wild boar? Are the vegetables okay now?

If things are okay, were they okay right away? Or did it take some time.

These are questions I haven`t seen answers too yet. I`m sure they will be addressed in time.

As a friend of mine said, “don`t be paranoid, but be vigilante.” That is
what I am being for my family and hopefully my friends too. (Only they can judge that.)

I think we all need to keep on top of things. Stay informed and educate ourselves unfortunately on how to live in the aftermath of nuclear fallout.

I never would have imagined that I would have had to!!! How can you
imagine such a scenario in your own life. It really is utterly unbelieveable. You could be next!

I would get out and tell your government what you want. Do you want power? If so how much and how are you going to get it?

Do you want a safe environment for your children? What risks are you willing to take?

By living in Japan, I suppose we all tacitly accepted these risks though I have often spoken out, written and donated for a nuclear free Japan.

Maybe now it may finally happen. Or in lieu of that, perhaps safety standards will be vastly improved. Obviously having a power plant that could be hit by a tsunami is not a good idea!


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