The Least Radioactive Water pumped into the Pacific

“Even if they say the contamination will be diluted in the ocean, the longer this continues, the more radioactive particles will be released and the greater the impact on the ocean,” Edano said. “We are strongly urging TEPCO that they have to take immediate action to deal with this.”

–Edano (Yahoo News)

The workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plants pumped the less dangerous radioactive water from the crippled power plants in order
to free up space for the most dangerous radioactive water.

Yahoo News:

Radioactivity is quickly diluted in the ocean, and government officials said the dump should not affect the safety of seafood in the area.

Since the disaster, water with different levels of radioactivity has been pooling throughout the plant. People who live within 12 miles (20 kilometers) have been evacuated and have not been allowed to return. Read More


The Yahoo News headlines are often sensational. Hence my more realistic headline above. Not as eye catching I admit.
But certainly closer to the truth if you read the news story.

The Near Future:

“Hey Hiroshi,..what`s dem dare two headed salmon ya got there? You gonna eat that?
Thems good eatin!”


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