TEPCO: Sorry no boots, not in the budget!

A friend of mine alerted me to this story. It rung of urban rumour. However perhaps it is really true? Some of the workers fighting for our lives and really the state of the world, appear to be ill-equipped.

I try to be positive here as there is so much
hype about this whole disaster, however I will of course make a point of pointing out where things truly are bad.

From Japan Probe:

Two of the workers were rushed to a hospital in Fukushima city Thursday. They were taken Friday to the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Chiba for examinations and treatment for possible beta ray radiation burns below their knees.

The third worker wearing long boots was unharmed.

It is unclear why the two workers weren’t equipped with footwear that could protect them from 15 centimeters of water. Judging from the photos from the power plant, it would seem that a lot of workers are just wearing normal shoes as part of their radiation suits. There also seems to be some folks with plastic bags duct-taped over their shoes…” End of quote


Can it get worse???? I have this insane desire to bop some people in the head…

Isn`t it basic that you equip employees properly? And isn`t is especially important when those employees are trying to protect the public (and the whole world from a nuclear meltdown(s))?


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