Stopping Japan’s radioactive leak could take months 2 Fukushima employees found dead at nuclear complex

The two missing TEPCO workers were found dead at the nuclear complex.
I believe they were hiding from the tsunami or trying to. However, who can know?

It has become pretty evident the past couple of weeks that it would take
months to settle the reactors down to a much safer level, and years to
recover from the quake damage. The CBC story reiterates much of this

CBC News Follows:

It could take several more months to bring Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant under control, a safety agency spokesman said Sunday as engineers tried to find a way to stop highly radioactive water from pouring into the Pacific.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex has been spewing radioactivity since the March 11 tsunami carved a path of destruction along Japan’s northeastern coast, killing as many as 25,000 people. The final death toll is not known because many are still missing.


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