On Teaching English in Japan

  • How do you teach English in Japan?
  • What are the first steps you should take?
  • YOUR Stories Your best, worst, strangest and funniest teaching experiences!
  • How much are the salaries in Japan?
  • Oikawa san of Keio, keeps us mindful of some important aspects of teaching
  • Professor John F. Fanselow of Columbia University Teachers College, observes that what you think is happening in the classroom may not be what is happening at all
  • Jobs in Japan for Americans, the unique American situation
  • How do you learn Japanese for free or cheaply?
  • Conrad Matsumoto enlightens us with his “almost no prep activities”
  • How do you teach young children?
  • Chris Weber gives us his hard won advice on teaching English to Japanese
  • David Martin of EFL Press talks about how to be an Effective EFL teacher
  • Should you teach on the JET Program?
  • How do you teach English online?
  • Devanshe Chauhan explains classroom management for newbies
  • What are the Japanese people like?
  • What should I know about working visas?
  • What are the big schools like?
  • Thomas Anderson weighs in on how he teaches university students
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