The Blackouts – Thursday & Friday

The blackouts are reputedly going to continue like this until Golden week and then
it will probably be like this in the summertime as well – coming pretty often due to air conditioner use.

Then it should calm down, but will continue to some extent for at least a year.

I don`t have any of the above from TEPCO it comes from my better half, who heard it somewhere. I would think a formal announcement will be made at
some point once they are sure about the coming schedule.

What I think would be good is if we are going to have to have so many
blackouts, they should come up with some kind of monthly schedule so we
can all plan our daily activities around it and companies and working people
can work as best they can. I am confident this will come about.

If a formal schedule is not the plan, I think it will really hurt the economy, as people will simply stay in to avoid being stuck somewhere. I`m sure this will come about.

Group 4 Blackouts this Week

12:20-4PM Tomorrow – Thursday

9:20-13:00 and 16:50-20:30 Friday


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