“The death toll will likely pass the 10,000 mark. Power shortages are announced starting this Monday. The earthquake has been labelled a “once in a 1,000 years” event.”

–Guillaume Pétraud

One of our readers, Sean asks:

I spent 6 weeks in Ashigara in the summer of 1995 when I worked at Fuji Photo Film. I have many dear friends still there and am worried about them after the earthquakes and tsunami. I’d like to know what kind of damage was suffered locally, but have had no word.

The State of Minamiashigara Shi:

Sean, we lucked out in Minamiashigara, this wasn`t the big one here. But we are overdue. So it was yet another wake up call.

It was bad in Yokohama where i was.
I thought I would die in an old building
(third floor). I got out and the building stood, but I felt for sure it
would come down. It was strong even in Yokohama. It was scary out here but everything was in order when I came home. In Yokohama
parts of buildings were breaking, there were cracks in the sidewalk everywhere and people were very upset.

Of course up north it is very, very bad and any help you can provide is
appreciated by the people.

If your friends were in Minamiashigara when the recent quake hit, they should be fine. Three people have died in Kanagawa so far and five in
Tokyo. Thousands are presumed dead up north. Four whole trains
as far as I know are still missing.

I couldn`t get home from Yokohama until the next day.

The next thing is they say there is a significant chance of a huge quake for our area in the next month.
The risk goes down to 50% from Tuesday, March 15th,
2011. It is at 70% until Monday, March 14th.

So people are stocking up on water and battening down the hatches.





    March 13, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Hello there, am trying to find a young lady who we hosted as an exchange student in Melbourne, Australia. She is at Wadagahara, Minamiashigara-shi in Kanagawa. Her name is Natsumi Okutsu. Can you help??

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