Where can I get foreign food?

Foreign Food: Tozan in Odawara across from McDonald’s near Odawara Station has some foreign food. As well, you can order foreign food from FBC–The Foreign Buyers Club. Foreign Buyers Club Website and they must be listed in The Townpage as well.

Lusca is the shopping centre inside Odawara Station. The supermarket in the basement sells a lot of foreign food, and Plaza (also in Lusca) has a lot of foreign snacks including chocolate, chips and whatever else you are likely to want to “pig out,” on.

Tengu Natural Foods has a huge selection of organic food, and they also have a website. Most Japanese supermarkets also carry some foreign food. The Fuji Supa across the street from Kevin`s Tsukahara School carries a little foreign food, as does Piago, located near Daiyuzan Station.

Expat Express sells food from home too and you don’t need to buy it in bulk!

Odawara Boasts the Largest Shopping Mall in Kanagawa Prefecture – Robinson`s

The supermarket in Robinson’s Mall has a lot of foreign food. Robinsons and Odawara City Mall, a sister mall right next to it, are both located in Kamonomiya. Best to take a bus from Kamonomiya Station on the Tokaido Line – Or drive if you have a car.

Robinson`s is a great place to shop if you want clothes, food or have children. The best stores and shopping areas in our area are reviewed in The Odawara Bulletin Board.


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