Western Food Restaurants in Our Area

Western Food Restaurants:

As well as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken there are many great European restaurants sprinkled around Odawara and Minami Ashigara Shi. Cafe Natural in Shimosoga is one of my favourites.You will need to go by car.

As it is near where the Plum Festival takes place, it might be a nice place to eat if you go to the festival (every February.)

The Head Chef, is a great chef and a charming guy. The interior is also relaxing rustic wooden tables and chairs. It looks like a rustic
Canadian restaurant. It`s fun!

There are many great Italian restaurants in Odawara. Best to ask your students or friends where to go.

For Pizza lovers, Pizza La will deliver just like back home. As well as the great tasting pizza that you are familiar with, you can try exotic types like the Idaho Potato Pizza and Pizzas covered in various kinds of low level sea life. I don’t recommend the sea life pizzas myself. I usually go for Italian Basil.

Pizza La 73-8900.

For Sushi 0465-70-3066.

Check The Odawara Restaurant Guide for an archive of reviews of many local restaurants.



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