Medical & Dental Care

Medical & Dental Care and Medical Insurance: Most expatriates usually get Japanese National Health insurance. This usually covers 70% of your medical bills including the cost of medicine. It also covers 70% of dental care.

There are many competent doctors and hospitals in our area.

As well if you would like medical care in English you can go to The Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic: #32 Mori Bldg., 3-4-30 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tel. 03- 3436-3028

Their whole staff speaks English and they offer pretty well every medical service you could imagine.

There is also a dental clinic with an English speaking staff as well. I don`t like their dental clinic however. I had two negative experiences there.

Recently there are more good dentists in Odawara and Minamiashigara.
Ask at the Odawara Bulletin Board for recommendations.

Though there are many competent dentists in our area, but you may wish to go to Tokyo as the local dentists tend to take a long time to complete the dental work ie) for a filling you may need to go back 3 or 4 times to have the job completed instead of the normal one day visit in Canada.

As you might expect, the medical equipment here is perhaps the most advanced in the world. Dr. Amagai is an English speaking dermatologist at Keio University Hospital in Tokyo 03-3353-1211.

There are many good doctors in our area and a few speak a little English.

Shiritsu Hospital in the Isaida Station area of Odawara is very famous. Two of my children were born there in fact. We didn’t have our third there though as their policy on smoking in the hospital allowed the smoking room right next to the maternity ward.

So smoke wafted into the pediatric area and the maternity area, for all the pregnant mothers and newborn babies to enjoy. I wrote a protest letter and we had our third child at Kami Hospital in Matsuda.
With Kanagawa`s anti-smoking laws I`m sure all hospitals in Kanagawa
are now smoke free.


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