English Newspapers & Magazines:

English Newspapers & Magazines:

Japan Living: This is owned and edited by yours truly so please check us out too!

Japan Today and News on Japan are two of my favourites. They are both online and of course they are free. I like them because they both have a lot of articles you would never get to read anywhere else. The journalists for Japan Today seem to be independant.

That means they work outside the press club system, which serves to stymie hopes for a free press here. Often what you will read at Japan Today will not be found anywhere else . If you do read it anywhere else, it will often be months later, after the government has
decided that they have to allow that news to be released by the major dailies. I have written for Japan Today many times over the years.

News on Japan is a compillation of news about Japan from news sources based around the world. It is great for it`s variety from independant zines in Japan all the way to CNN and BBC.
The Japan Times is probably the best English newspaper–and the most pricey! It is famous for its` employment section which is
usually published on Monday. You can find it and other English newspapers like the Daily Yomiuri, at newsstands in front of
Shin Matsuda and Odawara Station.

The Tokyo Jounal has many opinionated articles about life in Japan as well as event information.

For worldwide news check out The Real News. One of my favourite news sites.


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