Yoga near Minamiashigara Shi

I studied yoga from quite a famous teacher in Japan, Miura Sensei.
Unfortunately he doesn`t teach in Minamiashigara anymore.

He was great. He was bilingual too, so when I was doing something
stupid (as I often do!), he would suddenly speak in English to me
and all the students would look at me. That was fun! Everyone
would chuckle, even me if I wasn`t bent into a full-pretzel.

Luckily we have Riverside Yoga in Hadano

At Riverside, yoga is taught by Linda Gould. She is a very popular

I think the cost for a trial lesson was 1,100. You can buy a card for about 10,000 yen, which seems to last for about 3 months.

Her place is across from the Ito Yokodo supermarket. You can borrow a mat from Linda. Wear something you can move freely with – like track wear and generally a long shirt or something you can tuck in.

Linda Gould
Riverside Yoga


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