The Tribes of Midnight

A Japanese bosozoku or biker gang member

The Tribes of Midnight – Based on a True Story

One day, years ago now, in Tsukahara, Minamiashigara, the bosozoku attacked Okamoto Junior High School. They beat up one teacher, and my understanding is that he never taught again. He recovered from his physical injuries but never wanted to teach after that experience.

Our story here though, largely occurred in Kaisei Town, one of the
quietest and safest you will find. If it can happen here, …you know the cliche.

Kaisei Town, Kanagawa

Hiroyuki Sakamoto talks with Suzukisan: “You should come out with us on Friday night Sakamotosan, we have a lot of fun! We cruise around on our ‘bikes’ (motorcycles), drink beer and meet girls. Hope to see ya!”

The Bosozoku — Biker Gangs of Japanese Guys

Hiroyuki ponders this invitation. Everyone has told him the bosozoku or Japanese bike gangs are dangerous and a dead end road to oblivion. Not the kind of thing a Japanese mother wishes for her youngsters. Suzukisan seems so nice however, and Friday nights have been pretty boring of late. Hiroyuki doesn’t have many friends, and the thought of spending another Friday night studying for high school entrance exams doesn’t enthuse him. Read More


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