Being International in Odawara

Being International in Odawara!

The Odawara International Lounge:

Tel 0465-24-7760, 15-19, 1 Chome Sakaecho,Odawara. Sakaecho Parking Lot, third floor.
Located next to the Odawara Post Office. It is in the nicest parkade you will ever find, built to look like an old
Japanese building. In this very comfortable lounge, you will find magazines and newspapers in English. Any foreigner can come
and use the facilities here for free. The aim of the lounge is to provide useful information to foreign residents and for supporting
activities of international volunteer groups and international exchange activities. It really deserves more use and publicity.
A nice place to relax.

Odawara International Lounge

JIGG: Japan`s International Gamers Guild

If you know Risk or Axis and Allies we may be the club for you.
We play boardgames about history, politics and economics. Some of the games we play are known commonly as wargames.
If you are interested in playing these types of games contact us. Most members speak Japanese and English.
If you can’t speak English that’s okay.


Odawara International Friendship Association:

Tel 0465-33-1707, Japanese class: 24-5649. A great website with a lot of information about the city. It even has a clickable map of the downtown area. OIFA


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