Tilburg & Minamiashigara Friends since last Century

Tilburg & Minamiashigara friends since last century

(Pictured, a village in Austria, another country from which Minamiashigara
might find an appropriate sister city.)

Minamiashigara, the city where FujiFilm was founded, has been a sister
city to Tilburg, the Netherlands since 1989.

The VTM or Vereniging Tilburg Minamiashigara coordinates activities between the two cities.

“What is VTM doing? Two key activities are 1) organizing and supporting citizen exchanges on the fields of sports and education, care and welfare, and business and trade; and 2) organizing and supporting knowledge exchange and enhancement on varying themes, such as elderly care, urban innovation, education, civic engagement, etc. Moreover, VTM organizes and supports activities in Tilburg related to Japan… read more on citizen and knowledge exchange or on VTM supported activities.”

Learn more about VTM

Don`t be surprised to see European style buildings in Minamiashigara,
tulips growing in a field, dutch artifacts at city hall or even Dutch people
walking downtown. The relationship between Tilburg and Minamiashigara
is very strong.

I think it is great. Japan is still a very isolated country, so exchanges with
similar cities in other nations is a great thing! It will open up Japanese to the world more, and make Minamiashigara a better place.

But I ask…

Why stop there?

There are many cities in Canada that would love to have a relationship with Minamiashigara, why not approach some? I would even be willing
to help in such an endeavor should I be asked.

I think Minamiashigara should get ideas from many places in the world to improve how we run our city. Budgeting is something that must be improved here, that and fund raising. I wonder if some other cities wouldn`t have some great ideas on that?

Indeed we can learn a lot from other countries!


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