21st Century Forest (Niju iseki no Mori)

If you want to visit a place like Canada without leaving Minamiashigara, then visit 21st Century Century Forest Park

or as the locals say: “Niju iseki no Mori.”

You can spend hours enjoying hiking the many forested trails, seeing the views of the other mountains, looking at flowers,

seeing the views of Matsuda Town and Kaisei in the distance, simply have a picnic or even visit the small nature museum located

next to the main parking lot of the park.    If you are lucky they will have some kind of demonstration on–perhaps how the old

Japanese pioneers used a sawmill or other pioneering skills.    Take a frisbee or a ball and play with your kids (if you have some).

It is a great place to get away from it all and yet you are not far from downtown Minamiashigara.    Don`t be too surprised if you

come upon a deer or some interesting birds.

I have played with my children in this park, used the huge hammock they have their to watch the insects go about their daily

errands.   But most of all I have enjoyed the quiet and the fresh air.    I have written some of my best articles, articles that have been

published in international newspapers there.    It is a great place to relax and get in touch with yourself.   It is great that our city

mothers and fathers had the foresight to preserve this land for future generations!

How to get there?

Leave Daiyuzan Station and head towards Ashigara Togei (Ashigara Pass).    You will need to leave the road leading to

Ashigara Pass and head towards Uchiyama.    When in Uchiyama follow the signs.     The road leading to

Niju iseki no Mori is off the main road in Uchiyama (that heads towards Yamakita).     Head towards Yamakita from Uchiyama but

be sure to turn left when you see a sign saying:

“Niju iseki no Mori” or in English: 21st Century Forest.

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