Odawara English Student on Improving your English

Pictured: My Canadian family
and I in Hawaii

W.M. is rare in Japan.     

He is a very good English speaker!
 I wish I could take credit!

But he was a good speaker before he started
studying English
with Kevin`s English Schools.

W.M writes:

Hi, Kevin.
How are you doing ?
I'll tell you how to improve your Engilsh:

For Listening

I listen to NHK Radio English Program every day.
For instance, "実践ビジネス英語", "ラジオ英会話" and so on.
When I listen to the radio, I concentrate on listening.
Just listening is bad. Concentration is a good way to
 improve your English.
And I confirm the sentence, which I didn't get
 on the radio, by the text for
that Radio Program.

Confirmation is also important.

For Speaking

I read out and remember the sentences by using
 NHK text until understanding
them without translation in my head.
And I note that I speak English with the
 right pronunciation.

Record your English and Listen to it.
It's a good way to improve your Speaking.

For Reading

I read TIME, pick up words which I didn't
 know and remember them.

And "To keep studying", it's the most
 important thing.
If you stop studying, your English is
 never improved.
So, Never stop!, No break!

For More Free Advice on Improving your
English visit Eikaiwa1.com

That's all.

Best Regards


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