I don`t think he knows it, but The Emperor will pass in Front of my Home!

The Emperor (tenno) in Japanese will pass right in front of my house on May 23rd on his way to Daiyuzan (Saijoji) Temple in Minamiashigara City!

It is part of a Japan wide program to plant more trees and green the country.    I think planting more greenery in Japan is a great idea and it is nice for the people to see him and see that he backs a greener Japan.

I think Japan could be a leader in green technology.

Japan already leads in many green technologies and should set a good example to the world about how to do this.

Anyway I look forward to seeing the emperor pass in front of my Canadian home, and maybe, just maybe, (if he notices our green gabled home) he will think that Japan has changed a lot in the last 50 years.

How many emperors have passed before a house imported from Cloverdale, BC?     Not too many!    I`m glad Japan is changing.     She is coming to embrace green technology and care about nature more, and she is slowly internationalizing too.

I feel happy for my kids that they will grow up in this Japan, and really have the world to explore.

(Photo of  The Japanese Emperor from Wikipedia.org)


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