Sightseeing Spots of Minami Ashigara

The Minami Ashigara Cultural Centre

Sightseeing Spots of Minamiashigara

Saijoji Temple, according to my brother, rivals anything you will see at Nikko or Kyoto.    I have to agree.    One thing that makes Saijoji better than the temples of Kyoto is the fresh air and the old growth cedarforest you are surrounded by.    Old growth forests are a rarity in Japan and the setting, plus the beautiful buildings make for an amazing experience.

Suwabe`s Bakery in downtown Minami Ashigara City

When people imagine: temple, they think of one building.  Saijoji isa whole complex of buildings both shinto and buddhist.    The temple is more alive than many you will see too, with an active group of monks who live and meditate there.    You can see their monastery (the outside and the entrance hall).

Niju Isseki no Mori (21st Century Forest), is a park with hiking trails

deer and wild boar.     Thankfully you rarely run into the latter.  I never have.    I actually get homesick after visiting this huge park as it reminds me so much of the Canadian wilderness, yet it is located only ten minutes from Daiyuzan Station by car.

Maruta no Mori Park

has some old traditional farm houses in the park, hiking trails, wooden

play grounds for the kids, and great camping throughout.    Located

just 10 minutes by car from Daiyuzan Station but a world away from

Only Yu

is a hotspring located near Maruta no Mori Park.    It is very nice.

A great place to relax.

Kari River Walk

You can walk along the Kari River and enjoy the plum blossoms in the springtime.   You can easily reach the Kari River from Fuji Film Mae Station (Daiyuzan Line).

Minamiashigara City Hall

is a beautiful modern style building with lots of glass, as is the

Cultural Centre located just across the street.     Worth a look!


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